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About Me


Kayla is a licensed esthetician, specializing in corrective skin care. She likes spending time with family & friends, watching sci-fi, and eating Mexican food. In her free time, she enjoys creative hobbies, nights out on the town with her husband, and playing with her dogs and hamster.


Her certifications include microneedling, nano-infusion, dermaplaning, melanoma screening, LED therapy, Skin Script professional products, chemical peels, and enzymes, as well as an Associate's degree in Business Administration.


She is also trained in advanced exfoliation methods, Herbal Skin Solutions bone marrow stem cell infusion, Se-Brazil waxing techniques, and cosmetic ingredient studies.

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About Kayla
Smiling Model

V.I.P. Signature

Elite Signature Facial plus Nano-Infusion of Vitamin C+ and Hyaluronic Acid for instant glowing results plus healing, hydration, & anti-aging benefits

90 minutes:  $180


Mini Facial

For relaxation. Includes double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation or nourishing mask, massage (face, neck, shoulders), and moisture restoration.

30 minutes:  $65

Raspberry Popsicles

Acne Facial

Deep pore cleanse with MySkinBuddy, custom enzyme exfoliation or peel, Enhanced Extractions with Skin Classic High Frequency Treatment (extractions are quicker & easier with a shortened healing time, allowing us to treat milia, whiteheads, blackheads, clogged pores, & cystic acne), 20 minutes of Red & Blue Light Therapy, and custom mask.

90 Minutes:  $130

Add-On Topical Numbing for Enhanced Extractions: +$35


Brighten & Lighten

Package Deal $1380

6 Facials over 3-6 months

6 Full-Size Supportive Products

Glow Getter Membership

$460* per month

*$400 for the first 3 months

2 Brighten & Lighten Facials per month

15% off Chemical Peels

20% off all supportive products

Glow Maintenance Membership

$230 per month

1 Brighten & Lighten Facial per month

20% off Chemical Peels

20% off all supportive products


Teen Facial

Introductory Mini Facial with Mild Extractions, Skincare Lesson, & Sample-Size Home Care Routine.

Ages 19 & under

45-60 minutes:  $70



Most treatment plans require 6 monthly sessions. Check out the Memberships tab for more info on the perks of monthly payments:

Bronze (Spot Treat) $150

Silver (Neck & Décolletage) $220

Gold (Face) $330

Platinum (Face, Neck, & Décolletage) $350

Professional Facial


Includes Elite Signature Facial & extractions. Also known as a Diamond Facial. Skin care technology manually exfoliates the skin with a diamond-encrusted tool to remove dead skin cells, debris, and pore cloggers with suction.

90 minutes:  $135


Elite Signature

Basic Signature Facial PLUS Deep Pore Cleanse w/ MySkinBuddy, peel booster & extractions as needed, and hand & arm massage.

75 minutes:  $120

Eucalyptus Branch

Repair & Replenish

Begin the healing process for sensitive, inflamed, and compromised skin.


This relaxing, hydrating facial includes a Probiotic Restorative Treatment to repair the skin's natural protective barrier, Red Light (LED) Therapy to reduce inflammation, speed healing, & increase collagen production, hand & arm massage, and cryo facial massage to soothe and contour.


*This facial does not include exfoliation.*

75 Minutes: $130


VIP Acne Facial

Acne Facial with all the upgrades for faster, deeper benefits: Nano-Infused Clarifying Stem Cells to speed healing and help prevent new breakouts, hyaluronic lip treatment, topical numbing for Enhanced Extractions using Skin Classic, and 30 minutes of blue & red light therapy with hand & arm massage.


2 Hours:  $235

Head Massage_edited.jpg

Luxury Ageless

Elite Signature Facial PLUS hydrating eye & lip treatments, tightening neck treatment, ultrasonic express facelift, ageless serum infusion, red light therapy (LED) to boost collagen & elastin, and contouring massage.

90 minutes:  $150

skin care menu (1)_edited.jpg

Chemical Peel

Includes deep pore cleanse. Best in a series of 6 with prescribed home care. May not be available May-August. Ask about the package + product deal!

Ageless:  $80

Brighten/Lighten:  $110

Acne:  $115

Add-On Nano-Infusion Boost: +$130

Hair Treatment

Hair Restoration

Nourish and repair weak or damaged hair follicles to replenish your natural hair. Each session includes topical numbing (lidocaine), antibacterial high frequency treatment (argon), follicle-stimulating high frequency (neon), microneedling using hair growth stem cell serum, and 30 min of Red Light Therapy (LED).

Studies recommend 5 sessions, 2-3 weeks apart.

1 Session for Scalp: $400

5-Pack for Scalp: $2000

Package of 5 for Scalp also includes full-size natural restorative shampoo & conditioner, 3-month supply of biotin, & 5 aftercare kits.

5-Pack for Brows: $750

5-Pack for Lashes: $650

5-Pack Brows+Lashes: $825

*Lash treatments use nano-infusion instead of microneedling due to skin thinness

Mud Spa_edited_edited.jpg

Body Treatment

Address skin concerns anywhere that causes you concern. We'll treat acne, dark spots, dryness, ingrowns, etc.

Back: $110

Belly: $100

Arms: $100

Bikini: $60

Underarms: $60

Other areas by request!

Ask about add-on rates!

30-60 minutes


Basic Signature

For soothing relaxation and attention to skin concerns. Mini Facial PLUS enzyme exfoliation, lip scrub, custom mask & serums, massage (face, neck, shoulders), and moisture restoration.

60 minutes:  $100

Facial Wash

Mini Acne Facial

Deep pore cleanse with MySkinBuddy, enzyme exfoliation or chemical peel, traditional or ultrasonic extractions, & moisture restoration.

60 minutes:  $90

Lemon Tree

Brighten & Lighten

Elite Signature Facial PLUS chemical peel spot treatments as needed, custom lightening enzyme, nano-infusion of brightening stem cell serum, eye lift with epidermal growth factors (EGF) nano-infusion, lip plump with hyaluronic acid nano-infusion, brightening moisture mask. 


Nano-Infusion uses gentle, ultrasonic vibrations and tiny cones (nano tips) to push effective ingredients into the skin for 97% better absorption & utilization of active ingredients.

Faster & more effective than peels alone* with a gorgeous instant glow too!

*when repeated every other week alongside recommended home care until goals are reached

90 minutes:  $230


Luxury Ageless

Luxury Ageless Facial PLUS nano eye lift, hyaluronic acid nano-infusion for lip plump & renewal, and nano-infusion of bone marrow stem cells to boost collagen production & reverse the signs of aging.

120 minutes:  $300

Ageless V.I.P. Membership

skin care menu (2)_edited.jpg


The ultimate corrective treatment! Target scarring, texture, deep lines & wrinkles, sagging, and more. NO down time! Post-treatment redness & sensitivity dissipates within 24-48 hours for most! My full-service approach to microneedling ensures your comfort, swift recovery, & long-lasting results.

Each session includes MySkinBuddy deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliant, topical numbing, Nano Eye Lift, Lip Restoration, red light therapy, hyaluronic mask, and aftercare kit with vial of custom serum for even better results.


Collagen Induction Therapy (aka Microneedling) stimulates your body's own collagen safely & naturally with ethical stem cells for healthier, more youthful skin on a cellular level.

Full Face $350

Add-On Neck & Décolletage +$100

Just Neck & Décolletage $220

Just Lips $150

Spot Treatment $50-$130+

(by consultation)

Other areas by request & consultation



Includes Elite Signature Facial, as well as lip wax, unibrow wax, & extractions as needed. Also known as the Peach Fuzz Facial. Reveal smooth, glowing skin with precision exfoliation. Improves texture, tone, and absorption, making sure you get the most out of your skincare routine.

90-120 minutes:  $150

Skin Care Menu

Skin Care Menu

Brows & Lashes Menu

Blue Eye on Grey Background

Lash Lift & Tint


*Includes aftercare kit & full-size nourishing serum

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Brow Shape

Wax, Tweeze, & Trim



Lash Lift

8-12 Week Curl



Brow Shape & Tint


Color & Shape || $40


Lash Tint

4-6 Week Color



Brow Lamination

Laminate, Tint, & Wax


*Includes aftercare kit & full-size nourishing serum

Brows & Lashes Menu

Hair Removal Menu

new menu (1).png
Waxing Menu

*by appointment only*


TUESDAY 2:00 - 7:00


THURSDAY 9:45 - 2:00

FRIDAY 9:45 - 5:00

SATURDAY 9:45 - 4:00





(TEXT PREFERRED) 803-341-1122

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