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Skin Classic

an affordable non-laser treatment for benign, superficial skin imperfections


Treatments are quick, touching only the outer layer of the skin to dehydrate pesky irregularities. The sensation of direct high frequency (same tech as my "zit zapper" but more precise) is often described as a brief "stingle." There is a bit of healing time (see progress photos below), but for most it's non-disruptive and safe to conceal with makeup. Adhering to the proper aftercare will ensure a beautiful result.


As your Skin Classic provider, I have completed 1-on-1 training, earned my certification, and will stay up-to-date with ongoing trainings provided by the company.


The before and afters below come courtesy of my happy clients and other Skin Classic providers who enjoy sharing their successes. While none of these photos have been altered, lighting may not be 100% consistent.

skin classic_edited.jpg
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